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Wal-ly-ball (Wol-e-bawl) noun,  1. The sport of volleyball played on a racquetball/handball court with 2, 3, or 4 person teams while utilizing the walls as part of the playing area.


What is Wallyball?

Wallyball is a hybrid of volleyball much like the sport of beach volleyball is a hybrid of volleyball
  • Both sports utilize the same basic skill sets of volleyball (passing, setting and spiking) but one is played on the beach and the other on a racquetball/handball court.
  • Wallyball has its own set of rules and a special ball as does beach volleyball. 
  • Wallyball was created over 30 years ago and is still in its adolescent stages compared to volleyball which was invented by William G. Morgan in 1890 and beach volleyball that began in Hawaii  in 1915.  

What is this purpose of this site

The site was created to:

  • To acknowledge the pioneers who contributed to wallyball's development during its early years.
  • To chronicle the sports beginnings with historical facts and photos.
  • To open a dialogue with players and organizations regarding the future of wallyball.

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